Monday, December 16, 2019

Graboid Search Continues

We have been taking many trips out into the desert with our Ranger. Looking for Graboid signs as we drive over the Pleistocene Alluvials.
You can see the classic dust cloud made by the Graboid as we chased it across the desert. It was going away from us rather towards us which we thought was weird. It was moving fast and we never did catch up to that one. 

The following days we were out there again. This time with a group of Graboid hunters. More eyes means more chances of seeing those dreaded beasts.
Here we all are stopping to compare notes. "Anyone see any Graboid sign? Anyone see any Shreeker sign? Anyone see any Ass-blasters?" "No?" "Well lets keep looking." 

Across the desert we would go. Stopping occasionally at an abandoned mine or homestead. Wondering if these people got eaten by the Graboids or just moved on with time. We may never know.

At one point in the journey we saw overhead where the Army had joined in looking for Graboids. Maybe they were chasing Ass-blasters. It was hard to tell.
Army Osprey flying low across the desert.
Our trail guide Earl took us out to a water tank. It is a manmade structure out in the desert to provide water to the wildlife.
There is a big tank underneath that steal roof. When it rains or condensation forms on it, it funnels it into the tank.
Then the animals can go down this concrete ramp and get water because it is connected to the large tank. Knowing that water would attract animals there was a good chance it would attract Graboids. We kept our eyes peeled in all directions but no sign. Our group of Graboid hunters were thirsty by this point so we headed back to the campers for Happy Hour. It was a good day of Graboid hunting and thanks to Steve and Dianne for including us on the hunt.
We have been out twice now with them and they have been out in the desert quite a bit so they know their way around better than we do. Hopefully there will be more Graboid hunts as we are here most of the winter.

On a personal note. The filling and dumping seems to be a never ending chore.
Here I am dropping the kids off at the pool. I like to be able to put my blueboy in the back of the Ranger and haul it to the pooper dumper because it is a mile away. Some of it is over rough roads. In the past we have seen people drag their blueboys along the ground, only to have the ground wear a hole through the bottom and then they leak or drain out as they go. That is dirty and stinky if you think about it.
This time I filled it too much and had no choice but to drag it to the pooper dumper. When I am dragging it along like that I call it "The Stool Bus". If anyone would have said to me 10 years ago that I would be dragging my poop across the desert, I would have told them that they are bat sh#t crazy. Butt (pun intended) look at me now, living the dream.
I will leave you with this picture as you think about what I just said. The views, the sunsets and the friendships that you make out here make it all worth while.

"Glady's! Get me some hand sanitizer! There was some splash back! Quick before I loose my lunch."


  1. I had to look up Graboid to see what the heck you were talking about then realized we saw one when we were staying at Alabama Hills. Lone Pine Film History Museum has one because the movie was filmed in the Lone Pine, CA area.
    Every time I do our dumping I’m going to be thinking of you and taking the kids to the pool...LOL!

    1. Ha! A true Graboid hunter if you have already seen one. The first time we came to Arizona, I was excited to see where they filmed it. Then I learned that it was in California and was a little disappointed.

  2. That chore is always the worst, hope you have plenty of hand sanitizer!

    1. With this camper it is an every other day type of thing. Normally I just wipe my hands on my pants and then run over and shake your hand.