Wednesday, December 11, 2019

"Q" is for Quartzsite

I know most of the handful of people who read this aren't aware of what Quartzsite is and what it means to the RVing world. Fulltime RVer's have two main options for lasting the winter out in their campers. Florida being the most popular I think. It is a lot more expensive for sure. The other option that a lot of people like to do is the desert southwest. Quartzsite in fact. It is a small little desert town in Arizona. There are many camping options in town if you want to go that route. But what a lot of people like to do is dry camp in the desert all around town. Dry camping is camping without electricity, water or sewer.
This is called La Posa West LTVA. It is closest to town and fills up quicker.

There are free places to camp with 14 day limits or you can go to the BLM land south of town and camp there for the entire season for 180 dollars. 7 months of camping for that price. That is what draws so many people here. There are 4 large BLM areas to choose from but only one has a dump station and fresh water. So at the height of the season the lines at the dump station can get really long.
Looking farther south is La Posa South way off in the distance. That is where we are at.

When you arrive most people get in line to dump and fill. Then they start driving around looking for that perfect spot for the winter. Depending on how early you get here, you have many choices of wide open desert. You can stake out your claim by placing rocks around the outline.
Our little chunk of desert, complete with rock wall forcefield around it.
As things get busier and busier the spots get smaller and your neighbors are getting closer. We have not been here in January for the big show but have heard it gets really crowded. I would have to say that there are thousands of campers out here already.

You will see all kinds of vehicles. From million dollar rigs to rigs you are amazed that they even drove them here. There are people in buses and vans. Pop up campers and tents. I could not spend 7 months in a tent. I would be mighty stinky. But people are doing it. There is even a section called "The Magic Circle" which is clothing optional if you so choose.

When you are out here you can be as busy as you would like. There are things to do and see all around. We are glad to have the Ranger with us to get around. There are so many trails to explore and you can drive them around town and shop. There is a place out of town called Crystal Hill. We have been there twice already looking for rocks. I have even been panning for gold with no luck yet.
Crystal Hills

Looking for rocks.

Someone found something in there. They say you can't use tools to dig and I can't imagine someone dug this with their bare hands.

I get out and walk sometimes.

Our day is pretty rough. We get up, have our standard 2 cups of coffee, breakfast and then our 60 minute death march. After that we may pack a lunch and jump in the Ranger and explore the area, There are so many trails and places to ride. Very OHV friendly here.
Old mine outside of Quartzsite.

The Ranger on the trail.

The Ranger aka The Little Billy Goat. It is great for crawling around these rocky mountains.
Dry camping like I said is camping without the comforts as we like to say. No electricity, water or sewer. We have a generator for electricity when we need it. We have a water tank that we fill every couple of days for showers and dishes. And we have holding tanks for our grey and black water that we also dump every couple of days. With this pickup camper, our tanks are smaller than in our fifthwheel so I am having to dump and fill quite often. Making us wonder how long we are willing to do that. Our black tank which is our sewer tank needs to be dumped about every 5 days. I tell Lisa that I am dropping the kids off at the pool. It is not a job I like but it has to be done. Our grey tank needs to be dumped every 2 days and then while I am doing that I just top off our fresh water. It's all the price you pay for living cheaply out in the desert.

On a personal note. We found this guy between our two doors.
He was the size of a fifty cent piece and we don't know where he came from. I hate spiders and the bigger they are the more I am afraid of them. So now I am checking everywhere for them. I said to Lisa, "It's time to pack up and leave!" But she stopped me.

"Glady's! Where are the kids? Did someone run off with the kids?"


  1. Sure hope there is room for us when we get down there!

    1. I have saved you a spot right next to our generator.

  2. Steve loves your pirate flag. He has one also. Not sure you’ll still be there when we get there next month, just a heads up. You need a bigger wall!

    1. Your coming to "Q"? That wall will be 10 feet tall with barb wire around the top.

  3. I'm surprised no one drove over your 'wall' to be next to you, like at the beach :)