Friday, May 8, 2015

Walking with Dinosaurs and battling the Poison Spider

After a couple of days of rain (who would of thought it would rain so much in the dessert) there was a dry period before another rain event hits again tonight and tomorrow.  We decided to do a long hike because we have been inside too much. We enjoyed our coffee and breakfast as usual and headed for the trail head around ten-ish. We drove down the Potash road to the Dinosaur tracks trail head. It is not a long trail because the tracks are very close to the road. It is really cool that there are so many areas here with dinosaur tracks so easily accsessable. This is the third set that we have seen. Also just beyond the tracks there are 2000 year old petroglyphes. We have come across a lot of those actually on most hikes. We kind of know where to look for them now and we usually find them when we do look.
Dinosaur tracks. Allosaurus
This was a slab of rock that that fell and the tracks were exposed.
It was a big one.

It was pretty cool just touching the foot print that was put there millions of years ago. It's hard to imagine. I shall never wash my hand again.

After that we went up the Poison Spider trail. It is a Jeep trail and mountain bike trail. You can also hike it. Being Thursday, the trail was pretty quiet. On weekends it can get pretty busy.
Poison Spider
This was a stock Jeep trying to go up the trail. He turned around not much further. He had high hopes. You really need a modified Jeep to get up this trail. It is rated a 6 out of 10 for difficulty. Once you climb up there you get into a really nice area.
She is always smiling
We have hiked a lot of trails here and every one seems to be different in terrain and scenery. We are just amazed at it all.
Another amazing view
This was a rather long hike and we knew we couldn't do it all so we decided to hike for 3 hours and then turn around.
Near the top
Like I said, we pretty much had the whole trail to ourselves. Sorry I have to put so many comments after each photo. If I don't, when I insert the next picture it drops it in some random spot.
A child's grave
This was up at the top. And it looked like people give a tribute to her as they go by. There were toys, coins and lots of misc. stuff. I didn't have any change or toys, but I did find a washer fluid cap and a wooden token to leave. I hope the ghost of that little girl will accept those. 

That is it for another action packed day. Today (Friday) we are having a wind event and then rain tonight and tomorrow so lots of TV time. Stay Frosty.


  1. The dinosaur tracks are pretty cool, we will have to check those out next time we are in the area. We made it back to Salt Lake today just in time for a couple days of rain as well. We will visit the kids one last time before heading to Canada for the summer.

  2. You are really giving your new axles a work out, eh? If you get lost and find yourself in Moab, give us a call, eh? Are you bringing the Jeep and UTV to Canada, eh? Or are you dropping it off, eh? Safe travels, eh? Just letting you get used to how they talk, eh?

  3. We are taking them with us, need them to chase down them bears and!