Friday, May 1, 2015

2 breathtaking adventures in 2 days*

*Don't try this at home kiddies, we are professionals.

We were sitting in our lounge chairs after work on Monday and started to realize that we only have 1 month left here in Moab. There are so many things that we want to see and do. So panic mode set in for Lisa. So I grabbed a paper bag and put it over her head. Wait, I guess she needed to breathe in it. Actually like two aspiring adults that we want to be, we listed everything that we want to do and put them on little pieces of paper and then we just draw out of the hat. Very scientific. All those nights watching "The Big Bang" is finally paying off for us in our scientific methods.

First adventure (Tues.) was a hike to Landscape arch. Well we had noticed that there is also a loop hike that goes beyond that into what is called the Devil's garden. 7.2 miles beyond.
Landscape Arch

The trail to Landscape Arch has been re-done since last we were here. So to get to the arch it is considered an easy hike. Beyond that it turns into a primitive trail and goes from easy to difficult. But we didn't let that  scare us out of there. Next you climb up a narrow rock hill and there are more arches up in there. I didn't get a photo of that but will try to do better next time. Next you come to two more arches, Navajo and Partition arch.
Navajo arch
The hike starts to get really interesting after that. Lots of edges to shimmy by, inclines and descents that really start to make your legs weak. One section you have to slide down the rock face on your butt because the rock is so steep and then take a 4 foot jump at the bottom. Tweaked my ankle on that one. Then you get to the double O arch.
Double O arch
We then took a right turn and continued down the primitive trail. It was really nice because there were less people yelling and screaming and the views were spectacular as always. This part of the trail is fun also. Lots more shimmying and much more butt sliding. Don't purchase expensive new hiking pants and then do this trail. In fact make sure you are wearing under-pants for added layers.
Book Cliff formations
All in all it was a fantastic hike. It was nice getting away from the crowds. Arches National Park can get quite crowded. Some hikes are like walking down a New York City street.

Adventure number two. (Weds.) Since I tweaked my ankle and Lisa felt her hip was out of place, we decided to take the drive to the southern part of Canyonlands National park. The Needles area. 75 miles one way to get there. If you only have one day to do Canyonlands, go to the Island in the Sky area by Moab. The Needles area is neat, but the views are so much better at Islands.
Newspaper rock. 2000 year old petroglyphs
We drove all the way to the end of the road to see what there was. There are some good views, but apperantly  this part of the park is really popular with back-packers.
canyon overlook
This part is famous for the needle formations, but you can't get close to them unless you are hiking.
The Needles from the road.
So that is what we did the last couple of days in our dull and boring lives. If you would like a transcript of this blog, write down everything you read. Until the next Blog, "Stay Frosty my friends".


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    1. I am glad that someone is reading this. Can you tell Lisa to check it out.

  2. Sounds like an action packed couple of days! Barb did the same thing to her ankle earlier this year sliding down a rock. Only 4 more work days for you two! I bet that seems a little weird. Where are you headed from there?

    1. Funny. We are counting down the days. We will have our son here at the end of May and then do like Bryce, Zion and some other things till June 16th. Then moving North to cooler weather. TG.

  3. Sounds awesome guys! We'll be returning that area Sep/Oct. Looking forward to doing a lot more hikes!

  4. Fall is just as busy because of the cooler temps. We are really enjoying this area.