Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Princess week

Princess week is finally over! Princess week? You ask. Well that is a good question. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable while I  tell you the tale.

A long, long, long, long long, long time ago in a place far, far, far, far, far away. There was an extremely attractive, handsome young hunk of a beef cake of a man named Dino. And also there was Lisa. Actually we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. That is the start of Princess week and then on Sunday it was Mothers day. So for days she was demanding all this special treatment. You should have seen what she demanded that I wear all week.
Jogging down the Mill Creek path
Actually that is not me. A very close reproduction though. This guy was running the Redrock relay and came running past us. I had my arms full trying to hold Lisa back.

Back to our anniversary now and Mothers day. What did I get Lisa for those very special occasions? Absolutely nothing. When we chose to do this lifestyle we purchased everything we needed to live on the road. Plus living in an RV you don't have a lot of room for lots of extra stuff. So we didn't exchange gifts. We decided to get a camel back because of all the hiking we do so I said that that was my gift from her. She wants a fitbit, so when we get to a larger city we will get her one and that will be her gift. 

We didn't even exchange cards or flowers. I know, you probably think I am a cad. But we know our money is limited so we didn't want to waste it. Cards just get thrown in a drawer and flowers die. We did however enjoy some very nice meals because you can always use food. So other than that we haven't done a whole lot. Spring weather in Utah is wet and windy. Stay Frosty my Peeps.


  1. At first I was thinking that there was no way I was going to have Barb read this post as she would expect a princess week. But then after reading it I found out that I have been treating her like a princess for quite a cards and no gifts!

  2. Well no wonder you needed bigger axles. Just to carry all the gifts you have been showering her with. I suppose your bed is filled with stuffed animals and you sleep in a tent behind the RV.

  3. You guys are so funny! I'm sure Lisa and Barb are spoiled!

  4. They are. I was thinking of a new TV reality show called "Real Housewives of the Trailer Park".

  5. Really funny :) Made me laugh. Lee and I hit our 26 this year as well and we didn't buy each other anything either. We got each other this lifestyle, so that kind of needs to be enough for now. And btw the way what if I don't want to stay frosty...your not the boss of me :)