Saturday, May 16, 2015

Guns and Dynomite. What could go wrong?

We were checking out at the local grocery store yesterday and the clerk was very excited because he was going to have a super weekend. He continued to tell us about his plans and one thing got me a little interested. He said that he was going to a dynomite shoot on Saturday. So when I got back to the campground I asked Ron the owner about it. It was near the little town of La Sal south of Moab. He made a quick call and got the information and said that if I wanted to shoot he would bring some guns. I said, "Hell Yeah!"

This is how it works. They put a 1/3 stick of dynomite into a pop can and then place that pop can at different distances to shoot at. The distances today were at 350 yards and 780 yards.
5 targets at 350 yards
This is a fund raiser for the La Sal fire department. Once the targets are set up, you pay 2 dollars for 2 shots. If you hit the dynomite, it blows up which is cool to watch and you win the pot. It was harder than everyone thought. It was cold, windy and rainy. So you had a lot of different factors involved that caused everyone to miss. I missed by an inch on several attempts, even shooting a strange gun.
Ron taking a shot at it
After about 2 and half hours someone hit the 780 yard target. It was really neat watching that explode on the hillside. I have to give Ron a big Thanks for letting me use his rifle. I met some friendly people, donated to a good cause and had lots of fun in the mean time. When in Moab, do as the Moabians. I will definately be better prepared the next time.  Staying frosty.


  1. That sounds like an absolute blast! Getting within an inch on a windy, rainy day is pretty darn good. After today only1 day left?

  2. It was a blast. Now I have justification to build a dynomite gun. ;-) One more day left and we are finally feeling comfortable with the whole process.