Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A stroll down Park Avenue and a death hike.

Yesterday we awoke to gloomy clouds that looked a little threatening. So we continued with our morning routine of sitting around drinking coffee, making breakfast and checking out the weather on TV, Internet, and sticking our heads out the door to see if it was going to burn off. By 11:00 we were ready for the "Go no go" decision. It was a go. So we headed into Arches to do a short hike in case the weather turned on us. We wanted to do the Park Avenue hike. It is a 1 mile hike that is meant for people to be dropped off at one end and then picked up at the other end. So it was 2 miles for us, because we went to the end and turned around and hiked back.
Every time that we drive by this hike the parking lot is always full so we figured that the trail would be elbow to elbow. Apparently  everyone walks the 100ft. paved path. Stop. Take a picture and then leaves with out going into the canyon to hike it. They really miss a nice easy hike. We hardly saw anyone in there.
Water worn rock
It is really amazing the power wind and water have on rock.
Park Avenue
The death hike was in a place on the Potash road. This is the view from the road.
Hike entrance
There is a small parking area and no signs to mark the hike. It was like heading into the bowels of the earth. We didn't know anything about this hike, how hard it was or how long it was so we just kind of winged it.
Travelling through time
It is funny that all the information that we have picked up and read that there was nothing about this hike. We didn't think about googling the hike until we were way into it going where is the f-enhimer end. The hike is to the Jeep arch. An arch in the shape of a Jeep.  So away we went. Over a 1000 foot elevation gain and 2 miles in one way uphill. It was truly beautiful on this hike and since it is not in a National park, we saw only 2 other people.
On the way up
When you get in there it turns into a loop. We went right. There should have been a sign to say go left for better views of the arch.
Jeep arch
So after our long climb up to the arch, we really didn't see it until we were upon it. So if you ever decide to do this hike, go left for these views. Remember it turned into a loop so we got these pictures going down.
Jeep arch again
Jeep arch as we get farther away.
Jeep Arch
And yet still farther away.
Saying good bye to it
All in all it was another great hike. 

Just a behind the scenes admission. I am really trying to figure out how to post pictures on this type of sight. It is weird that things will go along great and then it will drop a photo where I don't want it and then trying to move it doesn't work so eventually I have to delete it and start over. It gets frustrating so if anyone has advice let me know. Stay Frosty my friends.


  1. One more Monday down, two left? You should know better than to go wandering off in the desert without doing some homework, didn't your mother teach you anything?

    Actually the Jeep Arch looks pretty cool, we will have to do that one some day and "stay left".

  2. Oh, forgot to mention..... I do my posts in Word then paste them into the new post. Then add the pictures. I put the cursor where I want the picture then insert it. You will notice that all my pictures are in the center with no text to the side of them. Tried that early on but the pictures would move or even disappear so I gave up and just went center. I have found that you can move them within the post by highlighting them, cutting them and pasting them in another location.

  3. 3 left. I am being worked to death. As far as your advice about the pictures, all I see is blah, blah, blah. Actually my google chrome book doesn't recognize word. And I hate the cloud. I may just have to wait till this chrome book has an unfortunate accident and get a regular lap top.

  4. Thanks for the tip on the hike. I've not heard of it either. Def going to put that down for September! I hope I remember the "go left" tip. Thanks Jim for the ideas on the pictures. I also can't seem to get them exactly where I want them, how to get a border around them or how to get the text to stay to the side of them.

  5. It really is a nice hike. There is also a canyon hike at the same starting point. We haven't tried it yet though.