Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cat Collecting

Ever since Lisa graced me with her presence by saying "I Do" 26 years ago we have always had a cat. Usually more than one at a time. So when we hit the road last year we decided to do it with out any fur babies. Well we made it 6 months with out one and we just felt like we were missing something. Sure we missed our kids and I am not saying that they are kid replacements. But kids are people and they need to go and live their own lives. I suppose they could have lived with us for ever, but that was not going to happen.

Like I said, we made it 6 months. We were in the Orlando area and we kept checking the shelters. I really wanted to rescue one or two. The Orlando area has a high kill rate because of the large amount of cats in the area. So January second we went to a shelter and found a couple of cats that wanted us. I say they wanted us because we let them pick us out. I went into the area where they have the male cats and sat down on a bench and I wanted to see who was the friendliest. That is where we found Moose.
Moose being sexy
He has a neat personality and is pretty smart. He is also a big cuddler.

So we traveled from Florida to Moab Utah. He traveled really well and seemed to like the change of scenery. Many times though we would have to leave him alone all day. So when we got home he would be pretty fiesty. So we decided to find him a playmate. Lisa wanted a kitten for him since he was in the house first. That way he could be the dominate male. Moab doesn't have a lot of cats here. Apparently they have the stray population under control. That's good for the city but not us looking to rescue another one.

Well as luck would have it we were able to find a kitten. Our boss Kim at the camp ground was getting a mother cat with 3 kittens. She knew Lisa was wanting one so she said Lisa could have one. So that is how we now have our second cat. Journey is her name because of the journey we are on.
I like her look. She always looks so dis-interested. They really get along well together. They entertain each other all day long and Moose has really developed a lot of tolerance.
Journey bugging Moose while he was napping
They are fun to watch.
How cute is that.
We have a little bucket on the table that we put napkins and silverware in. She thought it would be a great place to sit. Now I hope that Lisa doesn't want to collect a cat from every state.

Time for a frosty one.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes they are. I just feel like we are repeating ourselves.

  2. We are going to start to worry about you guys if you start collecting one from each state!

  3. The crazy cat people. I was going to title it Pussy Galore but thought better of it. Not everybody remembers vintage James Bond.